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A literary and arts collaboration between Fourteen Hills and Voices/Visions, Ekphrasis is a synergetic publication between artists and writers in the San Francisco Bay Area exploring the relational aesthetic of word and image. Prominent Bay Area writers created written pieces inspired by randomly assigned artworks made by some of the area's most talented artists.



Amy K. Bell, Ayuna Collins, Robert Donald, Barry Ebner, Trey Gallaher, John Haggerty, Anthony J Hall, Sarah Heady, David Imlay, Miah Jeffre, Jennifer Lewis, Mitch Maher, Andrew Gavin Murphy, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Jennifer O'Keeffe, Da'Shay Portis, Jared Roehrig, Diana Rosinus, Jason Schenheit, SB Stokes, Alexandria Volk, Deirdre White, Christine Zona

Editor: Monique Mero-Williams, 2014

New Standards:
The First Decade of Fiction at Fourteen Hills


New Standards commemorates Fourteen Hills' ongoing dedication to innovative writing, bringing together the best fiction published during the journal's first decade.



Lawrence Braithwaite, Nona Caspers, John Cleary, Cara Davis, Lydia Davis, Stephen Elliott, Brian Evenson, Craig Foltz, Renee Gladman, Robert Glück, Jon Groebner, Pam Houston, Joanna Howard, Fanny Howe, Mikhail Iossel, Eugene Marten, Nicholas Montemarano, Eireene Nealand, Traci Oberg, Peter Orner, Fernand Roqueplan, Pamela Ryder, Nina Shope, Christopher Sorrentino, Lynne Tillman

Editors: Jason Snyder, M. Sweeney and D. Beavers, 2005

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