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Birds of Massachusetts by Steven Kennedy

2020 MRBA Winner

"I love this little book, this dual portrait of unlikely companions, one of whom is paid to keep the other company and required to re-establish himself daily, as her memory is damaged. With a deliberately limited palette, and a real allergy to pretensions of any kind, Steven Kennedy creates an unlabored pathos that reminds me of Emmanuel Bove."

—Brian Blanchfield

"A magnificent investigation of memory. Birds of Massachusetts is a quiet storm of tenderness. A story about finding meaning in the mundane and everydayness, the objects and books around the house bloom to life. At the very core, it is a story about the solace of connection, and the grand impact of small gestures."

Juliana Delgado Lopera

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Steven Kennedy’s writing has been published by Hobart, The Ana, and The Esthetic Apostle among others. He is an editor and writer for Fielder’s Choice Magazine. He grew up in San Diego, lived on Boston’s North Shore, and now lives in Castro Valley with his wife. Birds of Massachusetts is his first book. 

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