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Niagara Transnational 

by Sarah Heady, winner of the 2013 MRBA

"Sarah Heady's Niagara Transnational is an epic American travelogue, but don't expect mythic vistas and fruited plains. Heady, our 21st-century Virgil, propels us with gutsy, erotic, punky aplomb into the rusted waste and sugary spoils of the last century... In Heady's newborn folk song we hear the traveler who resists being fully a stranger, as if true wandering can only take place at home on familiar roads. And as readers we too come to own this place—'wrecking ball//verify me.'" —Barbara Tomash


Sarah Heady was raised in Rhinebeck, NY, educated in Oberlin, OH, schooled in Philadelphia, PA and held tight by Bell Buckle, TN. She is a founding member of the New Philadelphia Poets, a writing and performance collective whose work was featured at the Philly Fringe Festival and the Bowery Poetry Club. In 2013 she was a writer-in-residence at Art Farm in Marquette, NE. Heady is a MFA candidate at San Francisco State University, where she writes on human geography, American history and the built environment. Niagara Transnational is her first book.

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