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Not Your Average Release Party

It's So Nice to Meet You, Issue 19.2!

Over 120 people graced the 60s-era hall of the magnificent Verdi Club for the Fourteen Hills 19.2 release party Wednesday, May 15. Large, round tables were set with tablecloths and flickering candles; some with trays of cheese, fruit, and crackers; others with homemade cupcakes towering with beehive icing (thank you, Miah Jeffra!). Each place was set with a glossy, full-color program designed by Fourteen Hills co-editor Miah Jeffra, detailing the night’s events, and, to whet everyone’s desire, the full list of raffle prize gift packages. People entered the main hall, stage ahead draped with thick velvet curtains, lights dim and candles glowing orange, and simply stopped. Took it all in. Soon they were finding friends and strangers, and saving their seats to visit the bar. They came back with cocktails, beer, and glasses of wine, as musician Michael Mullen of Pocket Shelley began playing the piano on stage and singing poetry into the microphone. Before anyone knew it, the celebration had begun.

Fourteen Hills co-editors, Chad Koch and Miah Jeffra, took the stage and warmly welcomed everyone. They thanked the incredible and tireless Fourteen Hills editorial staff, and drew everyone’s attention to the Fourteen Hills 19.2 cover: a photograph by world-renown photographer, Michael Wolf, who graciously and astoundingly offered the piece from his Tokyo Compression series.

The readers then took their turns on the stage. The Fourteen Hills’ editorial staff was excited and honored to have past contributors read from current and old work: Dana Teen Lomax (Fourteen Hills 6.1), Ron Nyren (8.2), Daniel Langton (5.1), Elizabeth Treadwell (4.1 and 11.2), and Zara Raab (16.2). The editors were especially excited to also have two 19.2 contributors read from their work: fiction writer Hobie Anthony, and poet Lisa Cattrone.

Add Fourteen Hills 19.2 to your summer reading list. We all admit it: this one blew our socks off. Some say it is the best one yet. Buy your copies, until they sell out, right here.

The next issue, Fourteen Hills 20.0, will release in December 2013. Pencil this into your mental calendar. Until then, be well, enjoy the summer, and keep reading. Also, say "hello" every once in a while on our Facebook page.

From all of us at Fourteen Hills, thank you! We love you. We really do.

- Photos by Fourteen Hills staff, Dev Bhat

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