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Two if by Sea 

by Anne-E. Wood, winner of the 2006 MRBA

"The heady acceleration and syncopated rhythms of Anne-E. Wood's joyous prose immerse the reader into a subtly irreal world of utmost versimmilitude—one both made and demystified by true art. And uncommonly gifted young writer."

- Mikhail Iossel

"These stories go off like fireworks. Anne-E. Wood's writing is fierce, tender, reckless, precise, alarming, loveley, and unforgettable."

- Michelle Carter


"What will strike you first is the sheer energy and muscularity of Wood's prose. This is a book full of wounds, of damage, of mayhem, an unflinching look at the American family, past and present. But read these stories with as much slow care as they were written, and what you will take away—and what will remain a long time after you put this book down—are the very souls (and hearts) of her characters."

- Peter Orner


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